Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I Love Today!

Today I got up much earlier than my body would have liked to make breakfast for my brand new 2nd and 4th graders. WOW! When did THAT happen?

Today I packed 2 healthy lunches and tucked a little love note inside each.

Today I braided 4 little brunette braids and secured them with accessories perfectly matched to their corresponding outfits. ;-)

Today I went to the grocery store to pick out all sorts of fresh items for school lunches, after school snacks, and yummy family dinners.

Today I made lunch for my sweetie to come home to in the middle of his busy day and sent him back to work with a full tummy and a big hug.

Today I baked a fresh loaf of bread that made my whole house smell amazing.

Today I did laundry.

Today I picked up my sweeties from school and took them straight to the library (per their request, which makes me happy.)

Today I made a fresh, healthy after school snack for my favorite 2nd and 4th graders in the whole wide world.

Today I read a surprisingly full information packet all about the new school year and what to expect in the coming weeks and months.

Today I made spaghetti and garlic toast for dinner, because this was Macy's special request for her first day of school.

Today I washed dishes 3 times (there's no dishwasher in the old farmhouse ;-).

Today I listened to my 7-year-old read for precisely 20 minutes (she set the timer), because that was her assignment, but she really wanted to go outside as soon as she could too. :-D

Today I ran outside at the squealing request of my girls so that I could see the "WHOLE COLONY, MOM!" of little lady bugs in a tree stump in our backyard.

Today I cleaned out 2 little lunchboxes which I was happy to see were completely emptied during lunch except for a few craisins that Gracie "didn't have time for".

Today I snuggled with Macy and Grace while they read their evening devotions and then made sure they brushed their teeth really well before bedtime.

Today I tucked in the most amazing and special little girls I have ever known and prayed that God would give them hearts that chase after Him and help me be the best Mommy to them that I can possibly be.

And I smiled the whole time. And my heart was singing and sparkling. Not because I love getting up early and doing laundry and washing dishes and grocery shopping. But because I LOVE taking care of my family. Thank you, Lord!

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Anonymous said...

You really know how to hit a guy where it hurts don't ya!
Thank you for sharing your blessings with us. Thank you for reminding us what is important!!

Sure do miss you but I know you are precisely where you need to be and more importantly where you WANT TO BE !!!!!!