Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Apparently, It's All About the BOW!

Jared took Macy with him to work today. Tuesdays are usually "out of the office" days, so he figured today would be a little less boring than having her sit in his office and watch him study and answer phone calls all day. ;-)

That leaves Gracie to run errands with me. Not exactly glamorous or thrilling, but we can usually make our own fun along the way, so we are actually pretty excited about it. She informed me a little while ago that she wanted to get ready "by herself" this morning. I returned to find her dressed in her "Sunday best," which led to the following conversation:

Me: "WOW! You look gorgeous! Is it ok if I'm not so fancy?"
Grace: "Yep. I don't mind."
Me: "Why are you so dressed up? Did you know we're just going to Subway and the grocery store?"
Grace: "Yep. But see Mommy? Look!" (holding up one of the bows she got in the mail from JoJo yesterday) "This is what matches my favorite bow the best."
Me: "Indeed it does. We should take a picture for JoJo."
Grace: "Yeah! Make sure you get a really good one of the bow, Mom!"

And there you have it. Off to the grocery store in my jeans, hoodie and flip flops with my lovely little Gracie in tow.

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Danielle Vicknair said...

She's just too perfect... And the Bow is quite beautiful if I may say so... Great job, Jo!!!!