Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Good List 11-7-12

10. Folding warm towels while it snows outside. So cozy.
9. Crazy bright sunlight on a cold, crisp day. I especially love it when the window feels all warm on the inside even though less than a quarter of an inch away on the other side of the pane it's 27 degrees.
8. The fact that Grace asks me every single morning before getting dressed, "Mom, what's the high and low for today?" She's a planner, that one.
7. My crazy friend Tyrone, who I sometimes have zero interaction with for weeks at a time, but then he always chimes in right on time with something that makes me giggle. A lot. I love you and miss you, Tyrone!
6. When I pick up Macy from Annie rehearsals, and she's so excited she literally can't stop talking. So much fun to see how she's responding to this experience. Seems we've found her "thing." :-D
5. An appointment with a dermatologist today for Gracie so that we can get some better answers as to how to help her manage her eczema and protect her against staph infections finding easy entry into her little body.
4. Dreaming about preparing our Thanksgiving meal. Yes, I'm a huge nerd. I love everything about it--the food, the smells, even the organization process of deciding how to prepare everything in the right order so that it's all hot and ready at the same time. Nerd. I know. Don't judge me.
3. People who are quietly joyful. Don't get me wrong--I love loud people too. I mean, those are my people! But there's something so sweet and special about someone who can exude joy without uttering a single word.
2. Another clear scan for Matt Chandler. Praising God for the ongoing miracles!
1. The strong response to our church's new men's discipleship group. Grateful for a church filled with men who love Jesus and long to lead their families (and each other's families) well.

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Kara Beth Gordon said...

In my experience, my eczema ALWAYS cleared up after removing dairy from my diet. It is internal, not external. Hope that helps...