Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Good List 11-28-12

10. Snow tires are on. Bring it, Vermont!
9. Waking up to snow on the ground. I hope I never stop thinking this is magical.
8. Christmas music. Impossible not to feel a warm, happy glow listening to this stuff.
7. Macy has been scouring sale ads to find the perfect gifts for her sister and her cousins. She asked me if I would take her Christmas shopping Saturday before her Annie rehearsal and when I responded with, "Let me check with Dad on the budget for that," she responded, "I'm using MY money, Mom. These gifts will be from me." Not sure if that makes me sad that she's growing up so fast or amazingly proud of her generosity. A little of both, I guess.
6. The big stack of Christmas movies we plan to work our way through over the next few weeks. I LOVE this time of year!
5. Noticing moments of sanctification. I love it when something happens in my heart that could ONLY come from God.
4. My Tuesday "bookends." I start the day with Ladies' Bible Study and end with Praise Team practice. For those who are looking for tips, this is a sure way to un-blah Tuesdays.
3. First MSCC elder meeting took place Monday night. Such an encouragement to my pastor husband (and me!)
2. All booked for TGC13 next April! I fully expect it to be one of the great highlights of my year. Can't wait!
1. Plans are underway to visit this little studmuffin and his brand new baby brother (due in January) next March. I am beside myself. OH, and I love their parents too! :-D THIS will surely be THE highlight of my year!

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