Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Good List 11-14-12

10. The way coffee and hot chocolate taste better when it's cold outside.
9. Samaritan Ministries. A couple years ago we switched to this program when we realized we could no longer afford our health insurance. As one who has never *not* had insurance, I admit this made me a little nervous. But we had to use it for the first time recently to help with the expenses following Jared's visit to the ER with a kidney stone, and it has been so fun to receive cards and prayers in the mail along with the checks that are helping cover the medical bills. This is a new experience for me, and I like it!
8. Homemade lasagna with Betty and the Scott family on Sunday. Precious, precious people. Fun times!
7. The cigar box banjo we won at Dylan's benefit Saturday night. Since Macy is the musician of the family, she claimed it pretty quickly. Within 2 days, she had taught herself 8 chords and a Mumford & Sons song. Another instrument added to her repertoire. Love it!

6. Having a family that makes me giggle. A lot. 
5. New friends. Grateful to connect with the Berniers and Dodsons last week in person. God is so sweet to keep bringing such quality, amazing people into our lives.
4. Dylan's benefit Saturday night. The primary goal was to help support the Dickersons financially in the aftermath of Dylan's week in the ICU, but to Dylan I think it felt like one big giant birthday party. And that is probably just as it should be. ;-)  Very special thanks to Karen Mach for all of her hard work to make this happen!

3. The mission trip report from my friends at LifeWay. I signed up to be a prayer supporter and receive their updates, and the final report was amazing: 68 volunteers from 42 different churches across 6 states, 4912 decisions to follow Christ, 10 churches planted--6 in Kenya and 4 in Burundi. Awesome.
2. Packing OCC boxes with our church family. So sweet and so much fun. Special thanks to Betsy Mitcheson for working on this event literally all year long every year. She is one of the hardest working ladies I've ever met.
1. Being married to my favorite person in the whole world to spend time with. I know this is a gift and not a reward. Thank you, Lord.

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