Thursday, November 22, 2012

A Ginormous Good List :-D

Thinking of so many things, people and memories to be grateful for today. . .

~I'm surrounded by people who love me well, and I adore each of them.
~There is an abundance of some of the most scrumptious foods I've ever eaten in my kitchen.
~I'm remembering with giggles the very first time some of my crazy relatives fried a turkey--long before it was the socially acceptable thing to do. I'm pretty sure it involved buckets for brining and wash tubs for frying. (But I remember deliciousness.)
~Charlie Brown Thanksgiving still makes me happy after all these years. And now I get to share it with my kids.
~Today there will be lots of football on the television and even more digital scrapbooking on the computer in my lap. Blissfully productive rest.
~On Thanksgiving Day, my thoughts are always flooded with memories of one of my favorite families in all the world--the McLemores. We shared so many meals and holidays together when we lived in Nashville, and Thanksgiving was pretty much our favorite. I adore these people.
~Middletown Springs Community Church is my favorite church I've ever known, and I am their pastor's wife. How blessed does that make me?
~ Macy has an incredible musical gift that I get to enjoy almost every day.
~ Gracie makes me giggle every single day, most days many times.
~I'm married to my best friend.
~I am warm and rested and healthy.
~I am NOT going shopping tomorrow.
~I have the most amazing, strange, crazy, awesome, loud, loving, supportive family in the world. 
~ I own wool socks. (You will understand that this is important if you know I live in Vermont. ;-) )
~My house is already decorated for Christmas, which means relaxing in the glow of Christmas lights and candles tonight. I love that.
~My children are content (even happy) with simplicity. I'm so grateful.
~None of my family members have any major medical issues. I know this is a gift and certainly nothing we have earned or deserved.
~My children have had cousins living about 5 miles down the road for almost a year and a half now. So awesome.
~JoJo and I, who have always dreamed of raising our kids together but honestly thought it might not ever happen, are practically neighbors now. I can't even describe what a blessing this is.
~Jared has preached the gospel/talked about Jesus over 100 times in 9 different states and 2 different countries this year. 
~Jesus doesn't just love me. He LAVISHES love on me. Every day. 

Happy Thanksgiving!

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