Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Good List 9-29-12

10. Eggs. I know that seems random, but for real. They're so versatile and awesome for so many reasons.
9. OK Go. These guys win creative music video over and over again. 

8. York peppermint coffee creamer. YUM!
7. Honest Toddler on twitter. (@HonestToddler) Literally makes me LOL sometimes.
6. Party planning. It's just so much fun!
5. This dude. I cannot get enough of him.

4. Cooling, nourishing rain. Just the soothing my restless soul needed earlier this week.
3. Another new gorgeous baby born to my friend Shelly last weekend. Never gets old.
2. A fun and successful block party last weekend.

"Free Indeed" store. (Kinda like a garage sale with no cash.)

Snow cones!

Face Painting!

Cotton Candy!

Bouncy Houses!

Free Food!

Awesome People!

Really all you could hope for on a Sunday afternoon. :-D (Especially before football season. . .)

And the best "coach" we could ask for got the ol' cooler dump at the end of our "successful" event. Good times. Good times.

1. Five little cousins with varying degrees of excitement over the first day of school but all in full agreement that they're happy to be doing it together. Love these little people so much!

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Leslie said...

Mmm..that is my favorite creamer, too. I love peeking at your church and landscape. I've never been that far north (native Texan) but if I ever do get that way we are sooooo visiting your church. Love your list. God bless!