Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Good List 8-8-12

10. Zucchini tots. YUM!
9. Got my first fantasy football invitation yesterday. Yeah buddy!!!
8. Honduran coffee. Smooth and rich and delicious.
7. The handmade wooden bowl Jared brought me back from Honduras. So sweet and pretty.

6. Riding the river raft ride at The Great Escape yesterday with 4 munchkins. So many giggles! And at the end Jack (5), with water dripping from his ears so fast it looked like he was wearing sparkly, dangly earrings, said, "What about the part where we get wet?" ;-)

5. Babies. I have so many friends who have recently had babies or are expecting soon. That's a lot of little toes to nibble!
4. This is happening at LifeWay right now. So grateful for their support!

3. My "message in the soap" from Macy. Awesome.

2. Samaritan Ministries. We got Jared's ER bill a few days ago. OH, Thank GOD for Samaritan Ministries!
1. My man is HOME. Yes.


Becky C. said...

My family lives in Connecticut and are exploring various health care options. We are also in ministry, and are dependent on support raising. Has Samaritan Ministries lived up to what it says it will do?


Becky said...

Hi, Becky C.-- We actually just signed up with SM a little over a year ago, but we (thankfully) haven't had a need to use it until now. This will be the first bill we turn over to them, so I can't really give you a personal endorsement, but they came very highly recommended to us from several families that we trust completely. I'll try to remember to follow up with you when this process is complete for us. I expect that all will go smoothly.