Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Good List 4-3-13

10. Cumulus clouds. You know--the kind that make the sky look like a massive adventure-filled cartoon. I very much want to frolic in them.
9. Finding Dory, sequel to Finding Nemo, is in the works. FUN!

8. All the little birdies are coming back around. I haven't been home enough to sit still for pictures, but I sure can hear them.
7. All kinds of healthy juices flowing in this house lately. I'm loving it! 

6. Gracie's new pet, Chewbacca Palpatine. (Don't ask me. . .) She literally treats him like a pet. She takes him outside so that he can enjoy the sun and fresh air and "his natural habitat" and makes sure he has plenty of fresh leaves before she goes to bed at night. Crackin' me up.

5. Easter duds. Jared wore a bow tie, which was simultaneously totally dorky and completely awesome. :-D And Macy and Grace were looking so sweet and pretty in their new outfits from Grandmom.

4. My eyes are fully convinced that the sky is bluer in the 802 than in any other place. I know that isn't really true, but the fact that it is so often so blue that the thought comes to mind makes me happy.
3. Several fun countdowns are suddenly really short. Mom is here in 3 days. TGC in 5 days. Disney in a week. So grateful for the exciting and refreshing opportunities on the horizon.
2. Mike has a job!!! :-D We've been praying for this dear friend of ours for awhile now. His employment experience has been quite the roller coaster over the last couple years, BUT he started a new job Monday that seems like a great fit. Praying that it becomes a long-term, stable, enjoyable career for him.
1. Jesus is ALIVE!

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