Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Good List 4-24-13

A double dose in honor of the last 2 (quiet on the blog) but amazing weeks:

First--my week with Jared attending The Gospel Coalition Conference in Orlando followed by a couple days in Disneyworld. (I mean, we were already practically there. How could we waste such an opportunity, right? ;-) )

10. A DIRECT flight from Albany to Orlando! Score! (You can't really get to anywhere quickly from Vermont--at least not affordably, so this was a nice treat.)

9. Our crazy hotel upgrade. When we arrived at the conference hotel, we knew we were early, so we planned to just store our bags and come back later, but the guy in front of us got his key, so we figured it was worth it to at least ask. With no expectations whatsoever, we simply asked if there was any chance our room was ready. It wasn't, but the attendant eagerly offered to upgrade us to a "grande suite" for no additional charge (which she *totally* undersold btw). This is what we ended up with: 

Pretty sure it was bigger than our house.

8. The "party" we had in our grande suite so as not to be poor stewards of all that square footage. ;-) Good times.

7. Face to face time and getting to put our arms around many we only interact with via internet most of the time (some that we met in person for the first time on this trip). Always sweet fellowship. 
6. Beautiful worship led by Keith and Kristyn Getty. Particularly soul-stirring to join thousands of other voices in worship. Small glimpse of heaven.
5. Refreshing, uplifting, soul-strengthening teaching from some of our favorite lovers of the Gospel.
4. Spending time with Jared's family, all of whom were there at the same time as us. Bonus!
3. Celebrating sooooooooo many special memories in Disneyworld together. We are utter Disney dorks. We just love everything about it. I know. . . I know. . .

2. Riding Big Thunder Mountain Railroad during the fireworks show at Magic Kingdom. This was a bucket list moment for me, and I don't even have a bucket list. So cool.
1. Being struck by this thought as Jared and I waited for the bus to bring us to the airport to head for home-- Happiness is vacation. Joy is knowing that when vacation ends, I still get to do life with this guy. So blessed and grateful.

And THEN--Spring Break!!! (with Grandmom and Granddad in town!!!)

10. No alarm clock!
9. Amazing weather! Mostly sunny but not hot, CRAZY windy (I love that!), with one massive thunderstorm overnight. I know my Mom and Dad relished the sound of the rain since it seems to be a rare occurrence in Texas these days. Pretty much perfect.
8. Old school parcheesi. I love this game.

7. Blue icees.

6. Listening to my Dad chuckle at Duck Dynasty. (His first introduction to that craziness happened this week.)
5. Lots of living room slumber parties, which basically just means Macy and Grace each claim a couch, and Jared and I stay in there until they fall asleep and then go get in our bed. For some reason, they think this is super special, and hey--easy way to give them an "awesome day." ;-)
4. Gettin' educated about sugarin' with our friends The Severys. So cool! This might have been my Dad's favorite activity.

3. The indoor pool at Okemo Spring House where you can swim during Spring Break even in Vermont. :-D Fun for all ages!

2. The most retro entertainment facility I've ever been to. The kids roller skated, played putt putt and laser tag and rode go-karts all day long. Grandmom, Jared and I watched and laughed. I'm pretty sure this was my Mom's favorite activity. :-D

1. The awesomeness that is giggling with 6 of my favorite little people on the planet, which Lilly sums up perfectly right here. I couldn't have "said" it better myself. :-D