Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Good List 2-29-12

10. A monkey wrestling a dog. Awesome.

9. Albany airport. It's uncomplicated and easy to get around, rarely very busy, AND it's one of the few airports that still has free wifi. Thanks, Albany!
8. My new Ninja blender/chopper. (Happy Birthday to me!) Personal smoothies in less than a minute each. YUM!
7. A Tale of Two Cities. Somehow simultaneously sweet and devastating, beautiful and horrific. "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. . ."  Indeed.
6. Burning 30% more calories on my elliptical than I used to on my treadmill (in the same amount of time.) Nice!
5. The big box of fun and yumminess our wonderful hosts from ReaLife Church left in our hotel room Sunday night. What a sweet surprise!

4. The talent of Josh Cassidy. Watching art happen is so fascinating to me.

3. Being *slightly* inconvenienced during our travels earlier this week INSTEAD OF being on the plane that had to land on its belly and shut down Newark Airport for awhile. THANK YOU, JESUS for inconvenience! (Also, THANK YOU, JESUS that everyone on that plane was safe despite the scary landing.)
2. When Betsy, who is possibly the sweetest lady on the planet and is married to Pastor Emeritus Roland (who preceded Jared as the pastor of our current church) calls to talk to Jared and says, "Is *my* pastor there?" Warms my heart all the way up! :-D
1. ReaLife Church in Philadelphia, Pastor Rob Burns, and everyone we met this week who is involved in their ministry there. Quality folks for sure. Grateful to have spent time with them.

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