Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Good List 2-22-12

Today's list is brought to you by our recent trip to Navasota, TX where Jared taught a Gospel Wakefulness conference for St. John the Divine's parish retreat.

10. Having Tex-Mex for the first time in quite awhile. You just can't get that kind of food in New England.
9. Camp Allen in Navasota, TX. Great facility for a retreat. 
8. Feeling immediately at home in a room full of people we had never met. Because of Christ.
7. St. John the Divine Episcopal Church in Houston. It is a stunningly gorgeous facility, but even more important, it is filled with people who love Jesus and long to represent Him well within their community, their diocese, and far beyond.
6. Kemper Crabb and the entire praise band. LOVED spending time with them personally and in worship with them. Awesome. (And ROCKIN'! :-D)
5. Hangin' out with Matt Fenlon. Quality dude for sure. And we couldn't believe it when he started talking about his dear friends Gabe and Amanda, a missionary couple in Burlington that our church supports (and we adore!) I love how God creates community all across the globe through these kinds of connection points. So fun.
4. Raegan and Stephanie Cocke, our host and hostess for the weekend. Truly fabulous. We stayed in their home Thursday night before going to the retreat center. That alone I could go on about for days. It is so wonderfully vibrant and colorful and gorgeous. I wanted to steal most of their paintings and furniture. ;-) And the decor matched their personalities well. They were great fun and wonderful hosts. We enjoyed our fellowship with them throughout the entire weekend. (Also, they have a dog that Jared wanted to smuggle into his carry on bag. She was pretty awesome.)
3. Getting to see Mom, Vick and Anna, who showed up for the last session on Sunday morning and then took us back to the airport so we would have time to chat and giggle before we left. Always good to get an extra, unexpected hug from Mom, Big Sis, and a sweet niece.
2. Returning home to my sweet, sweet girls, who had so much fun at JoJo's, they hardly remembered to miss me. Such a blessing to have family close by for the first time in their lives.
1. Jared, who teaches me more about Jesus, grace, and true love every single day. He spoke 5 times last weekend (about things I've heard many times before), and STILL I enjoyed every single second of it.

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