Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Good List 2-1-12

10. When they say "holler" on Leave it to Beaver. Makes me giggle every single time.
9. Wells Country Store breakfast muffins. I rolled my eyes when someone told me they were the best muffins in the world, but I take it back. It's entirely possible that's a true statement.
8. The way Macy giggles when she watches Abbott and Costello.
7. 2 excellent report cards (with a side note that Gracie has an "opportunity" to work on not distracting her fellow students quite so much when she finishes her work early. :-D)
6. There is a church in the Philippines which has developed a youth camp curriculum based on Jared's writings about "Gospel Wakefulness." We got this package in the mail from them yesterday. Amazing to feel like a part of this. What an adventure!

5. "Jesus Loves Me" played with handbells and signed by the lovely and multi-talented Kim Carr last Sunday. Beautifully sweet and simple.
4. Macy's painting of a sunset on the horizon.

3. When Macy and Grace are playing together unaware that anyone is listening, and they are making each other belly laugh like the very best of friends. Best. Sound. Ever.
2. Jared just signed another 3-book deal with Crossway. I'm telling you, that dude just can't keep his pen still. :-D I'm so humbled and grateful for Jared's incredibly hard work and overflowing heart, for Crossway's tremendous support of him, and for God's provision through this work that Jared so passionately loves.
1. My sister and bro-in-law just BOUGHT A HOUSE within walking distance of our church. I guess this means they love it here and want to stay awhile! I wonder if you can hear the gladness in my heart. It's so LOUD right now! Awesome.

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