Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Good List 8-31-11

10. Apple pecan bread. Yes.
9. This dude:
I want him.
8. The way the sky looks after the storm is over. Brightest blue with the shiniest sun I've ever seen.
7. The sweet way our tiny little town does the first day of school. Parents get to be very involved, and the kids don't feel quite so abruptly thrown out and abandoned.
6. Fantasy Football. I am currently involved in 5 leagues. I know. I might need an intervention.
5. Spiderwebs. Like snowflakes. Never 2 the same.

4. When Macy sings while she does her chores.
3. Grandmom is here!!! And Granddad is coming on Sunday!
2. Macy and Grace's first day of school WITH COUSINS!!! They are ALL so excited!
1. God's protection. Lots of devastation around here after Hurricane Irene, but the worst thing we can report personally is a few days of power outage. Grateful.

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Kelli said...

We witnessed the most beautiful sunrise the other morning! I love the first day of school and how excited the kids are. Yeah for grandparents...I hope you all have a blast!