Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Good List 5-11-11

10. The not quite Boston Creme Pie I made last week that has about 1/10 the calories of the real stuff but about 99.9% of the taste. Super simple. Super light. Super yummy.
9. The sweet little starling eggs we found in our grill. (Special thanks to Nana for the bird identification. I assumed these were robins, but I now think they must be starlings.) Grilling has been temporarily postponed. ;-)

8. The pavers in our front yard that Macy and Grace like to paint with tempera paint. That way, every time it rains, their canvas is washed clean and they get to start all over again. :-D
7. The King's Speech. One of the best movies I've seen in awhile. Colin Firth and Geoffrey Rush are both excellent.
6. Japanese music. It's so gentle and calming.
5. The papier-mache mask Macy made for me in art class. Impressive!

4. Springtime in Vermont. Exquisite.
3. Picnic lunches with special friends.
2. Being almost a landlord!!! Ok, so to be clear, it's not so much that I necessarily wanted to be a landlord, but to have rent coming in on the house in Nashville will definitely be a huge help. Paperwork is finalized and tenants are scheduled to move in Saturday. YAY!
1. When Macy sings.

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