Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Good List 7-31-13

10. The Albany, NY airport for being one of the few who still provides free wifi. Thanks, Albany! 
9. Good warranties when you need them. It's always slightly frustrating to spend that extra $20 or $40 bucks knowing you probably won't need it, but when you DO have to use it, doesn't it always feel well worth the money?
8. Starbucks in my hand for the first time in months. Always a nice little treat.
7. My favorite way to enjoy homemade guacamole without consuming so many chips I completely negate the health benefits of the avocado. ;-)

6. Grace's very efficient packing skills. This is a small, carry-on sized suitcase, and this is the amount of space she used to pack clothes for 5 days (some of which require 2 outfits plus a swimsuit). Very efficient indeed. :-D

5. Social media. I totally get all of the negative vibes about it, and certainly it can be terribly misused, but when you need to reach lots of people quickly who are spread all across the world (like for instance for help with out of state adoption details), it is a priceless resource.
4. Last weekend we got to spend time with the Rahns, the Sathianathans, and Elder Dale and Mrs. Elder Dale. Wonderful, special people that we love more with each interaction. So grateful for their friendship.

3. We are leaving today for a family camp where Jared will be the guest speaker. So grateful that our entire family gets to enjoy this opportunity together.
2. An adoption is underway even as I type. Friends here in Vermont are on their way to Arkansas to adopt their first child. Amazing in itself, and gorgeous to see how the body of Christ came together to provide for them. (Although they've been preparing for a long time, the final details of the adoption were incredibly last minute due to the birth mother's quick decision.) Huge prayers today and ongoing for Gabe and Amanda and the baby boy they are hoping to bring home to Vermont after a couple weeks in Arkansas. Also, let's remember to pray for the birth mother and any others in her life who will be affected by this beautiful sacrifice.
1. On Sunday, our church welcomed 9 new members and celebrated 5 baptisms. And then a former member of our church, John Blanch, who pastors his own church now, baptized several as well. Sad that I had to miss it to be home with a sick kiddo, but what an amazing day!

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