Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The Good List 7-3-13

10. Strawberries. They are pretty much perfect.
9. The way a rainy day smells in Vermont. I'm sure it's different everywhere, maybe even better in some places depending on the mixture of trees and flowers in the area. But as long as it smells like nature, I love it.
8. So You Think You Can Dance. I absolutely love watching the strength and talent that oozes out of those dancers. Gorgeous.
7. Waking up to this preciousness yesterday. I wanted to squeeze them both, but I decided to let them sleep a little longer instead. ;-)

6. My helper for preparing little gifts for the kids in Honduras. She literally counted every single one of the hundreds of foam stickers we bought to make sure each package was equal and everything was fair. 

5. Two more completed manuscripts off to publishers this week. One fiction, one non-fiction. I keep saying I don't know how he does it, and it is becoming no more clear to me with practice. ;-) I really don't know how he does it, but I'm so grateful that he does.
4. The messages I've gotten from several sweet friends in the last few days letting me know they're sending Macy cards and letters and other fun stuff. Precious to me.
3. George. Grace took such great care and patience finding him, and when everything else was sorted and in the bags ready for Honduras, she was still snuggling him and talking about the little girl she knows will be so happy to get him. It has been such a sweet reminder to me to pray for that little girl, whomever she may be. We will probably never know where that puppy ends up, but I bet he will be a very special friend to someone, and I'm praying he will be delivered with a message of God's Grace and serve as a reminder of that Grace throughout his new owner's life.

2. Camp Tapawingo. The more I read about and hear about this place, the more I am enamored with the entire ministry. This week I've heard from friends literally all over America who have had only the highest praise for this place. People who have attended there, worked there, even one who says she feels like she grew up there (and is eternally grateful for having done so). As much as I whine about being away from my girls ;-), I am so eager to incorporate this into our yearly schedule and see all the ways my girls will grow and mature and blossom under the love and guidance of such a wonderful, Christ-focused ministry.

1. The striking reminder of redemption God gave me yesterday. Over dinner last night, Jared was telling me that earlier in the day, he had written about our miscarriage in the manuscript he was completing. He didn't even realize that yesterday was Angel's "birthday." It gave me chills to think about how God continues to use that experience for his glory and remind us of the many ways he redeems our brokenness. In the words of my sweet friend Hannah, "God doesn't waste a thing. He uses every bit of it." Indeed he does, and I'm so grateful.

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