Sunday, July 21, 2013

Let's Pray for Each Other, Shall We?

It is my increasingly firm belief that what we do impacts our children far more significantly than what we say. 

As a mother of pre-teen daughters (and an aunt/friend/mentor to countless others), this thought terrifies me.

But also, it is this very thought--awareness of my utter inadequacy in this role--that sends me consistently fleeing to the cross for help. I've never found disappointment at the foot of the cross. Never shame. Never hopelessness. Only the sweet, refreshing reminder that somewhere in the wreck of all my humanness, there is Christ. And then I pray with all my heart that my children will see Him when they look at me.

Do you have children? If not, are there any children in your life paying more attention to your behavior than your words? (Hint: If you ever spend any time with any children anywhere ever, this applies to you.)

Let's pray for each other then, shall we?

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