Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Good List 7-24-13

10. Baking soda. After a week's worth of summer camp laundry followed by a week's worth of sweaty Honduras laundry. . .  yeah, baking soda. Just sayin'. ;-)
9. The 3 NFL games that live permanently on our DVR for when we have to have a "fix" between seasons. (Like last Sunday.)
8. The $200 1600-thread-count sheets that I got on sale for $29. Like butter.
7. The massive table and chairs right on the side of the road on our way to Elfin Lake. Very amusing indeed. :-D

6. My tiny but growing collection of Honduras woodwork. Last year, Jared brought me the bowl. This year, the vase. One day, I hope to pick out my own piece (because that means I will be there in person to meet all those amazing people.)

5. Meal planning for our upcoming vacation. I'm such a nerd that this is one of my favorite parts of the experience.
4. Those rare months (the ones with 5 Mondays) when Jared gets a Monday night off. A nice treat.
3. Crafty kiddos. Lots of rainy days this summer. No worries. Let the creativity flow! 

A polar bear pillow by Macy:

And now Macy is working on a blanket while Grace makes hats for everyone she can think of. ;-)

2. Gracie's Christmas list spreadsheet. She has created a chart listing each person and gift she plans to purchase. There is a column for name, gift, cost of gift, whether or not the gift has been acquired or ordered, what chore she plans to do to earn money for the gift, etc. I'm impressed with her organization and planning skills, but I'm even more enamored with her heart for giving.
1. Looking forward to our annual church baptism event/picnic on Sunday. Last year, we saw 6 adults baptized, including 2 couples whose husbands baptized their own wives. That's a special kind of awesome to me. The year before that, Jared baptized our very own Gracie among others. This yearly event is easily one of my favorite things about being a pastor's wife (not that you have to be a pastor's wife to enjoy such things). The family of God grows! Welcome! Welcome! Welcome!

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Becky said...

I'm with you as a meal planning nerd :) I planned meals for our vbs this week and it was really fun!