Saturday, September 3, 2011

My Kids are Weird ;-)

I'd like to think we don't watch tv *that* much around here. Well. . . except of course for football during fall and winter. But we do use our DVR quite a bit so that when we do have a lazy rainy or snowy day, there are some good options for the kids. It occurred to me a couple days ago how strange and diverse and not at all typical of 8 and 10-year-old girls our DVR list is. These are their favorites:

The Price is Right: Grace watched at least 10 episodes of this last time she was sick. And not only did she not get tired of it, she was actually *really* into it.

Challenge: This is that show on Food Network that challenges contestants to build amazing sculptures out of cake, candy and chocolate. Pretty interesting.

Phineas and Ferb: Ok, so this one is probably pretty typical for Macy and Grace's age. The twist here is that Jared and I love it pretty much as much as they do. Very clever stuff.

Monster Quest: They like to play the cynic to Dad's insistence that Champ and Sasquatch are real, but even so, they can't seem to get enough of these kinds of shows.

The Biggest Loser: I'm not sure when the next season begins, but Grace has been asking about it since the day after the last season finale.

Any cooking show featuring Nigella Lawson: What can I say? They have good taste. :-D

The Waltons: This is a fairly new request. Somehow they got sucked into an episode on a rainy day a couple weeks ago and decided they loved it.

Looney Tunes: Yes.

I'm not sure what this says about my kids in general. It's probably a pretty weird list by most standards, but I think it's pretty awesome to find them all snuggled up early on a Saturday morning watching Challenge instead of iCarly. ;-)

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