Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Good List 9-21-11

10. Cold weather leftovers. Soup, stews, chili. Yum!
9. Shout wipes. They can be life savers sometimes.
8. Airports with free wi-fi (which in my opinion should be all airports at this point, but since it isn't, I'm grateful for the ones that get it right.)
7. Salted Caramel Mocha. Oh. My.
6. Vince Wilfork's interception on Sunday. That was one happy fat man!

5. Old school Super Mario Bros. on the Wii for just $5? Yes, please! So many memories. . .
4. Ginormous buckets of hand-picked apples. So fresh and delicious!
3. Paul Tripp. We just started a marriage series in our adult Sunday School class, and we are using his video series What Did You Expect? The first session was excellent.

And the last 2 are brought to you by the following fact: WE'RE IN NASHVILLE!!! Which means:

2. Lunch date with my Trish today!!!!!
1. Fun times hanging out with old friends the Haggards and the McLemores, and FINALLY getting some snuggle time with this amazing little dude:

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Kelli said...

I made chili last night (for tonight) and it is great weather for it :) I must try this salted caramel mocha...I hear about it everywhere. Super Mario...that's a classic...definitely a great find. Hope you enjoyed a great time with your friends...nothing like old friends :)