Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The Good List 5-28-14

Today's Good List brought to you in honor of Macy's birthday! We celebrated early by taking her on a little surprise getaway Sunday night. Good times.

10. A Monday off at just the right time for a sweet little birthday getaway.
9. Driving through northern Vermont. So beautiful. 
8. Not being dependent on the weather since our adventure was indoors. This was a good thing since Monday ended up being pretty gray and stormy most of the day.

7. Cajun's Snack Bar. In Lowell, VT of all places. My southern family will probably disown me for this, but this is where Macy and Grace had their first taste of alligator and frog legs (and only their second taste of crawfish, I think). I don't care much for frog legs, but they loved it, and the alligator and crawfish were delicious!

6. The ongoing battle of me trying to stay as warm and dry as possible while in the "lazy river"--all scrunched up in my tube--and Macy and Grace having no part of it. "Mom, it's warmer if you get INNNN!!!" 

5. Grace body surfing.

Grace Body Surfing from Jared Wilson on Vimeo.

And her utter shock and joy when she successfully popped up onto her knees for the first time. :-)

4. Macy body surfing. It makes me giggle when the lifeguard tries to show her how to do a body roll at the end, and she flat out tells him, "Nope." ;-)

Macy Body Surfing from Jared Wilson on Vimeo.

3. We FINALLY pulled off a surprise for Macy! She usually snoops and interrogates until she figures everything out. This time, she had no clue where we were going until we got there. She was SO MAD! (But she forgave us very quickly.)
2. La Chute. Where they pretty much put you in a tube, close it up, then jerk the floor out from under you and let you plummet 60 feet before looping around and finishing the ride mostly upside down. And none of my family would do it with me, so I had to go all by myself 5 times--once for each of us and then another just because that's how I roll. ;-) (And that was just on Day 1. I lost count on Day 2. :-D)

1. This face, which I have loved every single moment through all of its changes for 13 years. I love you, my Macy! So very much.

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FYI, I miss these posts! Perhaps a new wave of inspiration will hit you sometime!