Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The Good List 5-21-14

10. Quinoa cakes. I'm pretty sure they're my new favorite food. I made some last weekend, and now I have at least 17 different versions in my mind that I wanna try. It started out looking like this. No picture once they were done since I couldn't possibly be bothered with a camera once these were ready to EAT! But isn't it pretty already? ;-)

9. This magicalness that Jared brought home for me from Texas last weekend courtesy of his host, Jeff Medders. I'm almost afraid to eat it, because I fear I will become addicted. ;-)

8. This meal, which was almost too pretty to eat, but it was delicious, so I totally ate it. Cajun salmon with garlic aioli, wilted spinach, and sweet chili rice. YUM.

7. An extra long weekend for Gracie this weekend. Inservice Friday and Memorial Day Monday. This is not disappointing. :-)
6. Wind in my hair. One of my very most favorite feelings.
5. A beautiful bike ride down a gorgeous Vermont trail on a brilliantly sunny day with some of my favorite people. Pretty much perfect.
4. Clarendon Gorge. One of my new favorite places. The sound of the water crashing through all of those rocks and trees is just glorious. (And I love the sunlight on the leaves.)

3. Sample chapters arrived last week. The book is due to release in July. I'm pretty sure this is #9 in the Jared C. Wilson library. Pretty awesome.

2. A recent letter from our Compassion child, sweet Lorena, complete with drawing. Precious.

1. Celebrating 16 years of my completely crazy, yet utterly fabulous niece Peyton. Happy Birthday, Peyterz! Love you so much! (Also: I can neither confirm nor deny that we *might* have had a chicken fight in the completely safe environment of a hot tub hanging off the side of a mountain. Maybe we did and maybe we did. Hush it.)

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