Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The Good List 8-7-13

10. Macy's on a cleaning kick. Let's just say it's not bothering me. ;-)
9. The chorizo cooking in my kitchen right now, causing deliciousness to waft throughout my house. YUM.
8. A thunderstorm at the end of a fun and busy day.
7. Sarah's Key, a book that was recommended to me by lots of friends for my upcoming vacation. I decided it sounded a little too sad to bring on vacation, so I read it on the plane last weekend instead. A heart-breaking, beautiful, haunting story indeed.
6. Totally diggin' these fallish temperatures and breezes lately. Not mad about it at all.
5. Fresh corn from our friends, The Carpenters. I roasted it earlier this week, and it was scrumptious with just the tiniest sprinkle of sea salt. So sweet, it didn't even need butter.
4. The inflatable water park at Camp Windemere. I have been giggling about this memory all week long:

3. The following line from Pastor Jason's introduction of Jared at Family Camp last weekend:

I love that.
2. The opportunity for Macy and Grace to travel with us last weekend. I'm so grateful to Pastor Jason for inviting us to join Jared for this event. Macy and Grace know why Dad travels so much, but I think it was really helpful for them to actually see him "at work" on this trip, loving on people and speaking about the Gospel all weekend long. He doesn't leave us to do unimportant things. I'm glad they got to see that.
1. God keeps giving us new friends across the globe. Every time we travel, I'm blown away by the people we get to meet and partner with and learn from. (And yes, I know that isn't exactly a grammatically perfect sentence, but it would sound super pretentious and weird to say "with whom we get to partner" and "from whom we get to learn", don't you think? ;-)) 


grey rose (they/them) said...

the water pics are my fave!!
so grateful for your good lists, they remind me of my own and inspire me to keep naming them aloud.

love you! enjoy your fancy, yummy chorizo :)

Becky said...

Once Macy is done cleaning at your house, if she has any cleaning streak left in her, you can send her to mine :)

I'm with you on the cooler weather. Sometimes I think I'm the only one who likes an autumnal summer!