Monday, August 5, 2013

Some Anniversaries are Better than Others

Last night I reminded Macy and Grace that today is the 4-year anniversary of when they moved to Vermont. Without a split second's hesitation, Grace matter-of-factly replied, "Yeah, I don't really like that one. I like the one when you moved and we were all together again." 

Simple as that. I had no argument, and she didn't feel the need to expound any further, so that was that. ;-)

And so, along with Grace, I celebrate a bit more robustly the April anniversary that brought me to Vermont to be permanently reunited with my family. But perhaps with slightly more clarity than she cares to pursue, I see God's hand in every step of the journey that brought us here. Fragmented at first, but not without purpose. And while I hope never to repeat some aspects of that experience, I'm grateful for what God did and continues to do in and through our family, even during the difficult times.

Thanking God today for milestones and the way they speak to me. Even the ones that aren't necessarily my favorite.

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