Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Good List 1-5-11

10. Getting our fill of good seafood and Mexican food while we were in Houston.
9. My salad spinner. I love whoever invented this thing. So much quicker and easier than washing and drying lettuce by hand.
8. Natural, local honey. It's pretty much a miracle drug.
7. My sweet friend Annisa for collecting and canning and supplying natural, local honey. ;-) (And I love her for LOTS of other reasons, too!)
6. Those 4 dudes who have been to every single Super Bowl so far. I'm pretty jealous of those guys. I hope they all make it to at least 50. And then I wanna hang out with them and hear all their stories.
5. Vermont tap water. Clean and cold. It's very refreshing! :-D
4. Watching Macy and Grace devour the homemade hummus I made earlier this week. Yay for discovering another healthy snack they enjoy eating!
3. Having time for a "Holiday Afterglow" moment rather than rushing back to work less than 8 hours after arriving home. So awesome.
2. We're all booked for Gospel Coalition 2011!!! I can't wait!!!
1. Having the same address as my family ALL YEAR this year! I love 2011 already!

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