Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Good List 1-12-11

10. Cinnamon Vanilla Nut coffee. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.
9. Tangled. So cute and sweet.
8. The home-grown, home-made basil pesto my friend Anne served us last weekend. It just doesn't get any better than that!
7. My new slippers that I purchased with an Old Navy gift card I got for Christmas. (Thanks, Nana and Papa! :-D) Oh, my goodness, y'all. They are so warm. AND they're super squishy at the bottom so they feel like I'm walking on a cloud. I may never leave the house again so as to never have to remove these from my feet.

6. Cotton Bowl 2011. LSU WINS!!! (Pretty convincingly, I might add.) WOOHOOOOO! (My Dad graduated from there, so I really have no choice but to be a fan. ;-)
5. Working out first thing in the morning. Makes me feel more energized all day long.
4. The ultimate snow fort that Macy and Jared are building together. Pretty cool that we live somewhere where this can be a week-long process. ;-)

3. Ted Williams' testimony. You've heard of this guy by now, right? The homeless man with the golden voice? He talks about Jesus every chance he gets, and now he is getting the opportunity to do it on national television. Pretty incredible story.
2. FORGE Vermont! The very first meeting is January 22nd at the Brick Box in downtown Rutland. It's gonna be awesome. Tell all of your 18-30something friends!
1. Watching the family of God come together and take care of each other completely unselfishly. It is such a special honor to live within this community.

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