Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Good List 12-8-10

10. Those commercials starring Kevin Bacon as an obsessed Kevin Bacon fan. They border on creepy, but they're pretty funny.
9. My extremely well-seasoned baking stone. That baby has seen some recipes, let me tell ya!
8. Small cars that warm up quickly when you crank up the heat. :-D
7. Warm popcorn with m&m's dumped in. Salty. Sweet. Scrumptious.
6. Flash mobs. I want to be in one really bad.
5. The way my house smells when I start the day like this: (I promise you wish you could smell this.)

4. Watching giant, fluffy snowflakes swirl and float around outside while I do my chores. Ironically, it makes me feel all warm inside.
3. Finding random stuffed animals cozily tucked in in various places throughout my house. I have some little nurturers living with me. ;-)

2. Watching the Peanuts characters proclaim the gospel on national television last night. Gotta love Charles Schultz.
1. When prayers for healing are answered with a mighty YES!!!

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Rae said...

FLASH MOB!!! One day girlie!!