Monday, December 13, 2010

The Good List 12-15-10

10. The fact that Jared and I are the bottom 2 teams in our Vermont fantasy football league and the only two in the consolation ladder (not even the winner's consolation bracket--nay, this is the your-team-is-so-terrible-we'll-go-ahead-and-start-consoling-immediately bracket). I'm talking the very bottom here, people. Awesomeness redefined. ;-)
9. AND both of our (non-winner's) consolation ladder caliber teams got more points than every single team in the winner's bracket. This week. Now that it doesn't matter anymore. Go figure. :-D
8. Cake Mix cookies. Super easy to make. Super yummy to eat.
7. Having the perfect spot for some pretty stained glass. You should see it when the sun is shining.

6. Patriots 45-3 win over the Jets on Monday Night Football. Jared watched the entire game twice. Literally. ;-)
5. The contract my sister and brother-in-law have on their house in Houston!!! Please pray with me that the remaining details of the process go smoothly AND that HER SISTER will have a similar experience with a house in Nashville SOON!!!
4. My friend Anne's amazing collection of Christmas ornaments that you can tell spans several generations just by looking at them. She even pointed out a few that she estimated to be around 150 years old. (They belonged to her grandfather, and she herself is a great-grandmother, so they have had a very long life.) So special.
3. Watching people create art. I could watch someone paint or draw or sculpt for hours. It's fascinating to me.
2. Kindred hearts. I never would have guessed so many of mine live in Vermont, but I'm so happy to have found them. :-D
1. Our sweet and simple Nativity program at MSCC. Love it!

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