Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Good List 11-3-10

10. That one little clump of hot chocolate that doesn't quite dissolve. It's like having dessert *in* your hot chocolate.
9. Ayiesha Woods--Christmas Like This CD. Music that's good for your soul.
8. Robert Downey Jr. in the Iron Man movies. Such a perfect role for him. And I still want the suit.
7. The floor vent that is just to the left of my kitchen sink. Keeps me toasty warm while I'm doing the dishes.
6. Miniature horses.
5. Spending only $82 at the grocery store this morning because I saved $73 by using coupons. (I'm getting good at this.)
4. Knowing our queen-sized bed will be living with us again in just a couple days. Snuggling is great and all, but 6 months of sharing a double bed with my not tiny husband is enough. ;-)
3. Getting to share Ty, Jack, Robert and Dylan's first snow experience with them. As Jack would say, "It was Owa-sum!"
2. This morning's sunrise.
1. The three amazing men who are on their way to Nashville right now to help Jared load up the rest of our belongings and finally bring them home. Also their wives for loaning them to us for the next few days. Shout out to Dale and Kim Carr, Jeff and Anne Miserocchi, and Dan McKeen and Ellen Secord. Love these special people!

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