Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Good List 7-21-10

10. Blue nail polish. Not sure why, but it always makes me happy when my toenails are painted blue.
9. The smell of freshly cut wood.
8. Blueberry-Cranberry juice. It's so delicious it feels like a huge indulgence, but it's sooo good for you.
7. The crazy thunderstorm that's swirling around me right now. Oddly soothing and relaxing.
6. New friends who feel like the best kind of old friends.
5. The sound of old church bells ringing.
4. My friend Rachel McRae who is so awesome she deserves her very own blog post, which will be coming soon.
3. The following sentence I found spelled out on my fridge today in magnet letters: "My sister is funny."
2. The plane tickets my sister Jody and I just booked for her WHOLE family to come spend a WHOLE week with us in October. Awesome.
1. Every single prodigal story that ends in reconciliation. Gorgeous.

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