Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Good List 7-14-10

***in no particular order

10. The way Rob Thomas sings like his life depends on it. I love that.
9. The Anchor Bar in Buffalo, NY. This is where hot wings were INVENTED!
8. The rest stops along I-90 in upstate NY. These are not your typical toilet and vending machine facilities.
7. Centrifugal force. Think it over. It's pretty fun.
6. The "bulk" section of our local grocery store where you can buy all sorts of yummy, healthy treats for very reasonable prices. Like roasted almonds for $2.99/lb and banana crisps (not to be confused with banana chips--the crisps are actually yummier) for $1.99/lb. Awesome.
5. The fact that Macy and Grace are GREAT at long road trips. (The trek between Nashville and Houston trained them well.)
4. Niagara Falls. So glad I got to experience it with almost my WHOLE family.
3. Being married to someone who loves to make me laugh.
2. Seeing 2 EXCELLENT family movies this summer--Toy Story 3 and Despicable Me.
1. The fact that Macy and Grace enjoy listening to
good music when we're all in the car together.

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