Friday, June 25, 2010

Asking for Prayer--and Lots of it!

Since the very first day our house was listed on RealTracs (actually probably a few days before even), my biggest prayer was (and continues to be) that God would send a buyer who would see the house as a blessing and a huge need met. Almost a year later, we still own our house, but we are still trusting to the best of our ability that it is because that one person who really needs it just hasn't seen it yet.

Yesterday we got a message from our realtor saying that a lady just a few miles down the road from where we live lost her home in the recent flood and needs a new place as quickly as possible. We're told our house is "in her top 2" and that she may be looking at it again tomorrow to make a final decision.

Please pray with us that she will decide to make an offer, and please pray with us as always that if she does, our house will indeed be a blessing to her and meet a huge need in her life during what must be a very difficult time for her. Thank you!

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