Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The Good List 12-18-13

10. Looking forward to the winter olympics in just a few weeks. Somehow more fun to watch since moving to the frozen tundra. ;-)
9. I just learned that Community K-cups exist! How did I not know this sooner? Best coffee ever!

8. Ping Pong. I haven't played in way too long, but I want to. Who has a table?
7. A care package from Choremonster, because they noticed the girls had been doing a good job with their "brushing teeth" chore. (Huh? This was a weird, but nice surprise.)

6. Arthur Christmas, a recent addition (last year, I think) to our annual Christmas "must watch" list. Sweet and fun.
5. A little taste of Texas from the in-laws. Thanks, Jeremy and Danielle!

4. Ordering my Christmas cards for FREE (thanks to a Groupon I purchased in November, but it was a GREAT deal!)
3. Home Free's performance of Ring of Fire Monday night. Seriously ridiculous (by which I mean amazing). Are y'all watching The Sing-Off? If not, ummm. . .  why not? Get on that, K?

2. Friends who love my children well. Such a blessing to me. Like this little sweetness from our precious "Miss Rachel" in Tennessee. Made Macy and Grace's day!

1. In just 10 days, all of the crazy people will be together in Tennessee for a huge Methvin family (after) Christmas week-long party. Good times. Can't wait!

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