Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The Good List 12-11-13

10. Arm knitting. Pretty cool. 

9. Old maps. Why do I love them so? 
8. Christmas Songs by Sinatra. Sing to me, Frank!

7. Macy got her school-assigned iPad earlier this week. She currently thinks she's a rock star.
6. Christmas movies. Eventually we'll have to watch them year-round to fit in all our favorites.
5. The Sing-Off. So much fun to watch!
4. Musical people. They make me happy.
3. Being reminded of this this week. I still giggle every single time I watch it.
Post by Becky Methvin Wilson.

2. Macy's winter concert is tonight. I love it when she sings.
1. Meal planning for our epic WHOLE FAMILY after-Christmas getaway in Tennessee. My parents, all of my sisters, our boys and all of our kids. I'm already giggling just imagining the shenanigans.

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