Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Good List 9-29-10

10. Tyler Florence
9. The CLEAN air filter that did NOT have to be replaced last time I had my oil changed. That has never happened to me before! I guess the air really is cleaner up here without all that city traffic. Bonus!
8. Gigantic Willow trees.
7. The huge stack of beautiful, warm coats and clothes my sweet friend Ann gave me because she was sure my wardrobe wasn't quite ready for a Vermont winter. :-D
6. "Dancing in the Minefields." Fantastic song by Andrew Peterson.
5. Apple picking.
4. My Tuesday morning ladies' Bible study group. Lovely ladies who love the Lord and each other.
3. My Pumbah t-shirt!!! Fabulous.
2. The song that Macy wrote and composed all by herself! Her music teacher (who also happens to be a dear friend) recorded it and let us listen to it. Sweet.
1. The awesome, Awesome, AWESOME visit we just had with David and Sarah McLemore and Tyrone PUMBAH Arnold. The only way it could have been better would have been if it were longer. So blessed to know and love and be loved by these special people.

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