Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Good List 9-15-10

10. That "Challenge" show on the food network. (Hey! I already told you I'm a nerd like that.) Especially when they build amazing works of art out of dozens of pounds of chocolate. Have mercy!
9. The smell of fresh corn roasting in the oven.
8. The yellow first down line. Brilliant.
7. Getting in the "A" group on Southwest Airlines.
6. Almond Meringue Bark. YUM! Bonus: It's only 5 ingredients and pretty much guiltless unless you eat the entire recipe all by yourself (which you will definitely be tempted to do.)
5. A good, sharp chef's knife. It makes cooking so much more fun.
4. The caramel sea salt truffles that my friend Leticia's Mom makes at The Cocoa Tree in Nashville. Oh. My. Word.
3. Arriving home from my trip last weekend to find a huge team of people from our church working in our yard. I don't know why these people love us so much, but I hope they know how OVERWHELMED we are by the many ways they love us so well.
2. Watching football on the couch with Jared this year instead of from 6 states away.
1. Ticia and Drew are married!!!! Awesome.

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