Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The Good List 4-23-14

10. Despite just coming out of one of the coldest and snowiest winters we've experienced since living in Vermont, we didn't have one episode of frozen pipes or extended power outage. Kind of amazing. (Special thanks to Deacon Dan for whatever he did to beef up the insulation on the back wall of our house. Clearly, it worked. :-)
9. Cooking with Chorizo. Have you ever tried this stuff? Do it at least once just to experience the smell. So yummy.

8. The Barn. (It's a restaurant.) We don't go very often, 'cause it's pretty much in the middle of nowhere and not really near anything else that we do in life. ;-) But the food is really good, the prices are reasonable, and the view could be a lot worse. 

7. We learned just a few days ago that during Macy's recent Mathcounts competition, she got 2nd place in the entire state among 7th graders for her individual score. YAY MACY!!!

6. When technology shrinks the world and creates opportunities for fellowship that would otherwise likely never occur. SO grateful to have friends worship with us at MSCC on Easter Sunday that we had only known via the internet until last week. Online communication can be a very good thing indeed. But hugs are better. :-) (Brittany and Adam, come see us again SOON!!!!)
5. Spring Break last week! Good times. AND Nana and Papa were here the whole week! EXTRA fun to spend time with them, especially during a less-crazy-schedule-than-usual week. :-)
4. A night of laughs with Brian Regan and Joe Zimmerman at The Paramount a couple weeks ago. SO MUCH FUN! And it didn't hurt that we got to share the experience with Jeff and Mark, who just happen to be 2 of our favorite people in the whole wide world (but don't tell them I said that. It might go to their heads. ;-) )
3. Jared turned in individual MANUSCRIPT #10 to his publisher last week! WUT?!? So proud of that guy!
2. When Macy says to me (every single night), "I'm going to get in bed, Mom." Because this is code for, "Even though I'm almost a teenager and don't want to say it quite so explicitly, I really want you to come tuck me in and give me a hug and kiss goodnight." Gladly. :-)
1. Romans 6:9~  We know that Christ, being raised from the dead, will never die again; death no longer has dominion over him.