Tuesday, September 18, 2012

My Trish

Today I'm remembering practically assaulting you when I first learned that you were joining my team at LifeWay. I was so excited, because I knew you were brilliant, but what I didn't even realize then was that you would quickly become one of my most treasured sisters.

Today I'm remembering Jack's BBQ and how you rescued me from the traumatic experience that you unfortunately had to endure since you ordered first. :-D

Today I'm remembering a vendor lunch during which you were asked what kind of water you would like, and you responded, "Um, tap."

Today I'm remembering when that same vendor realized we were so easily impressed that fancy restaurants who offered multiple types of water were completely unnecessary, so instead he started taking us out for the Texas sized platter of nachos.

Today I'm remembering Strawberry Shortcake and how we both wanted to punch her in the throat 2 Christmases in a row!

Today I'm remembering you begging me not to make you tape Gracie's diaper closed and then giggling when I picture the moment you realized that if you didn't carry out that step, my daughter would become a pet monkey right before your very eyes. 

Today I'm remembering day after day of wanting to shut my office door and cry all day long, but then realizing I didn't need to do that, because you were right there with me, and somehow that was enough.

Today I'm remembering my favorite story about questionable beverages covered by a denim jacket in the back of a convertible.

Today I'm remembering carpet skates and knowing I don't need to say any more than that to make you giggle. :-D

Today I'm remembering my incredibly casual shout-out to a large group of people (whom I was not paying much attention to) walking by my office followed by your mortified glare and whisper, "Becky, that was Dr. Rainer and the trustees!" Then seeing further horror in your eyes when THAT was followed by another shout-out of "'Sup Boss?" (HOW did I not get fired?)

Today I'm remembering how walking away from our desks just long enough to have a cup of coffee could sometimes change my entire day, because we ALWAYS found something to laugh about.

Today I'm remembering that I will never ever be able to make lasagna again without thinking of you and Myra.

Today I'm remembering that pretty much every "success" I had while working with you had much more to do with you than with me.

Today I'm remembering the lottery ticket lesson at the convenience store in East Nashville. I'm pretty sure that dude is still talking about how clueless we were.

Today I'm remembering how we turned Joey into our personal chauffeur and somehow made him like it. :-D

Today I'm remembering the following conversation at Red Robin-- Joey: "Can we have separate checks please?" Waiter: "Sure. How would you like me to divide it up?" Trish: "Um, we'd each like to pay for what we ate."

Today I'm remembering that every single time I watched you interact with my girls, I believed with all my heart (and still do) that you loved them like your own.

Today I'm remembering spending Easter 2009 with your family because you couldn't bear the thought of me being alone that day (and trust me, I NEEDED that).

Today I'm remembering you and Kevin spending ALL DAY one Saturday helping me get my house staged just perfectly and realizing that I have no idea what I would have done without you that day.

Today I'm remembering days when Gigi's cupcakes, Target runs, and shoe shopping seemed far more important than eating lunch.

Today I'm remembering that everyone in our department ostracized me to that far back corner to punish me for being so loud, but the joke was on them, 'cause it was so much easier for us to party back there than where they were. :-D

Today I'm remembering the Dam Store. 

Today I'm remembering laughing at least a little bit every single day that I spent time with you. And many days laughing 'til it quite literally hurt. What a gift! You have no idea.

Today I'm remembering how I wanted to include you in every single fun activity I got to experience even if it meant keeping you from doing your job. I'd like to say that I'm so selfless I was only thinking of wanting you to have fun too, but the truth is that everything was more fun for ME when you were there too! ;-)

Today I'm remembering TWO separate occasions when you helped my family plan the biggest surprises of my entire life! You are a GOOD secret-keeper!

Today I'm remembering how often I thank God for seeing fit to make us sisters, and I'm praying that our lives will always be connected and hoping that somehow it won't always be from a distance.

Happy Birthday! Love you so much!!! COME SEE ME!!!!

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