Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Good List 8-1-12

10. Tomatoes fresh from the back yard garden. They just taste better when you pick them yourself.
9. Meal planning for our upcoming vacation. Amazing deal on a sweet little cottage with a full kitchen means this will be the cheapest awesome family vacation ever. :-D I'm SO READY for this trip!
8. Watching the Olympics with Macy and Grace. They are way more into it than I expected. It's been fun so far.
7. Fantastic Mr. Fox. I'll admit it's a little bit weird how much I love this movie. I always forget about it for a very long time and then get delighted all over again when I remember to watch it again. It's so strange and wonderful.
6. Peanut butter and apples. My favorite quick summer time lunch.
5. An Echo in the Darkness (Book 2 in the Mark of the Lion series by Francine Rivers) Oh. My. I wouldn't have thought it possible, but it's even better than the first book. I wish this series was at least 10 books long.
4. Our sanctuary renovation is going beautifully. The old pews were removed after church last Sunday. New carpet is being installed this week, and new pews will be installed next week. We're almost there!

3. The week-long slumber party the girls and I are having. We sure do miss our favorite guy, but it has been sweet to all snuggle together and watch the Olympics until we fall asleep each night.
2. Friends who feel like family almost immediately.

1. I'm 11 days away from this with the 3 loves of my life. CANNOT WAIT!

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Linda said...

Mark of the Lion series is great. I need to re-read it all soon.