Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Good List 5-26-10

***In no particular order

10. The cumulative $.10 credit per gallon of gas our local grocery store gives us for every $50 spent. Last time we filled up, we saved $.60/gallon.
9. The smell of fire (safely contained, of course)
8. Homemade snowcones (and the looks on Macy and Grace's faces when I handed them one this afternoon.)
7. Celtics 3-1
6. Unexpected surprises in the mail
5. Woodstock, VT
4. The sound of pretty much any kind of naturally existing flowing/rushing water
3. @witmygracesays on twitter
2. Of First Importance (
1. The quilt Macy and Grace helped design and sew for me for Mother's Day

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