Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The Good List 3-5-14

10. These. The beginning of happiness.

9. The scale at my doctor's office weighs me lighter than my scale at home. Hers has to be more accurate, right? ;-) (Work with me here, people. Sometimes it's the little things...)
8. Our friend Kathie brought this book to Jared on Sunday. Makin' me giggle.

7. This. It's old, but it still makes me giggle.

6. My Mom brought us boudin all the way from Houston, TX to Vermont. I haven't had that stuff in years. It was yummy!
5. Packing for a trip to the Pacific Northwest this weekend. I've only been in that area once. Looking forward to another visit.
4. Ohhhhh. Yes, please. I would very much like to see this.

3. Treats from EPCOT. Aka, what happens when Jared goes to Orlando without us. ;-)

2. This was one of our favorite parts of the Sing Off concert. (It was just a little bit different the night we were there, but even funnier I think.) So fun! 

1. This entire scenario:

Jeff calls and says something like, "I know this is a little crazy and a lot last minute, but if we can get enough tickets to the Sing Off concert in Schenectady tonight, do you want to bring the girls?"

Me (making a mental list of all the reasons a late concert 2 hours away on a school night is probably a terrible idea): "Oh, I think we just HAVE to! I mean, when will they get this opportunity again?!?"

Jeff: "Ok, we'll let you know as soon as Mark hears back from Tim.

Mark texts: "Call me."

I call.

Mark says something like, "We're leaving here in 5 minutes to come pick y'all up."

Five minutes for 3 girls to get ready? Not likely.

Five minutes for 3 girls to get ready for a Sing Off concert featuring Home Free AND the opportunity to meet those guys? We'll make it happen. 

I say, "Ok. We'll be ready."

And these are some of the things that happened next. Judge my terrible parenting if you must ;-) , but I don't regret a second of it. SO MUCH FUN!!!

To the left: The Filharmonic. Center stage (as they should be): Home Free. To the right: Voice Play.

Autographs after the concert:

And then as we were standing around talking to Tim after the concert, he saw the girls looking up at him with this exact look on their faces and said, "How about a picture?" (Or something like that. ;-))

Utterly starstruck.

Minds. Blown.

And THEN: Tim joined us for dinner after the show, (about which Grace later said, "I can't believe we shared a dinner table with a guy who has his own holiday.")

And while we were there, Austin came in to say hi too.

The final little cherry on top of an already perfect night.

And as I was tucking the girls in way past bedtime, Grace said, "Mom, that was probably the best night of my life. (brief pause) Well, maybe a tie with Disneyworld." :-) High marks indeed.

THANK YOU, MARK and JEFF, for inviting us into all this crazy fun! It's one of our favorite memories ever! Good times. Good times.

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