Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The Good List 2-12-14

10. Rio 2 coming this spring. Cute. Fun.

9. Grace found a website where you can buy legos individually. It's called "pick a brick," and she thinks it's magical. With some of her Christmas money from Grandmom and Granddad, she got a puppy (of course! DUH!), some extra people, parts to build a car, a cell phone, and a few other things I've forgotten. Pretty funny.

8. Eliminating clutter. We are taking just the tiniest baby steps into some spring cleaning around here. And while we have a LOOOOONG way to go yet, it already feels good.
7. JoJo got me the cutest Patriots hat. Just because she loves me. Gotta love sisters. :-)

6. The Lego Movie. Super cute and fun for the whole family. And Grace even got an Emmett with her ticket. :-)

5. Brian Regan is coming back to The Paramount in Rutland, VT! And we have tickets! Yeah buddy.
4. Having a friend send me notice that she discovered this in her copy of World Magazine last week. That was a fun and unexpected surprise!

3. Crazy man Jeff's offer to go pick up Jared from the airport last Thursday after a snow storm which would have made it pretty dangerous to drive our completely unfit-for-Vermont-winter Suburban home. (For the record, this is a 4-hour round trip even in good weather, so it's a bigger deal than you might think.) But he did it anyway. 'Cause he loves us. :-) Thanks, Jeff!
2. Celebrating one year of sweet baby Lilly in our lives last week. Love that baby girl!
1. First hard copy of this arrived yesterday. This never gets old to me. Ever. So grateful.

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